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isplay who is stronger?

AMOLED while description is simpler than LCD, but this Panel manufacturing remains difficult. AMOLED and not use a backlight, and filters to produce the color of the grid, but uses separate color LED--red, green and blue – to form a wider range of colors. Every LED brightness of the pixels is provided by the rear transistor current controlled, brightness adjustment depends on the gate voltage of the transistor. OLED in luminescent layer between anode and cathode emits light, while here to fill "holes" and provide their energy as a photon. Color of light depends on the organic molecules in the layer type. Higher electricity means more electrons from the cathode, and hence more holes can be filled, more photons of light.

Due to the light source will not be filtered, AMOLED panels provides high color and above LCD contrast. The Panel also can Dim the brightness of individual pixels to achieve the effect of power, rather like the LCD backlight always on. In order to achieve high brightness, AMOLED panels required peak currents are usually higher than the LCD. In addition, AMOLED also organic OLED degradation over time problems, it may lead to burn parts of the screen and the screen fades problem.