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LED full color display: Lian-Cheng technology led SMD technology instead of inline

Recently, the Shenzhen Lian-Cheng technology limited sold a single small space LED full color display business, this is the technical breakthrough improvement LED SMD technology one of many businesses.

In recent years, due to various reasons such as policy guidance, market demand, demand LED full color display shows the distance between the points are getting smaller, but traditional dip LED display technology has clearly failed to meet the needs of application environments. LED packaging technology matures, led chip widely used in LED, SMD LED full color display technology started the industry, pushing the LED full color display applications to a new level.

A year ago, Cheng Lian SMD LED full color display applications in domestic and foreign areas, including Albania football field fence screens, Kuwait football fencing project application forms and technologies such as screen. Outdoor LED full color advertising screen in the country, joint of SMD technology more widely available. P5, P6, P8, space with a smaller screen, using SMD technology, comparing with the traditional dip LED full color display, the images more beautiful, more energy-efficient, body lighter, wider viewing angle, whether used for indoor or outdoor, to replace the traditional dip LED full color display has become the general trend.