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OLED display instead of LCD display which problems still exist?

OFweek shows us imagine, like a pen sized device can replace the smart phones, tablets and even wearable device. Hidden in the "pen" in the large, flexible touch screen of unparalleled resolution and contrast, users can use the device, using Skype to communicate with relatives and friends, watch movies, view maps, the battery can take up to several days rather than hours. Such devices may sound like some distant, but it is not the next Star Trek futuristic film props. Digital Trends website reported that the device known as the universal communication device (hereinafter "UCD"), which first went on sale in the next 5 years.

UCD is trying to change our future display technology--Universal Display Corporation is one of the companies of the future will use OLED display technology changing people "see" much in the way of new facilities in the world.