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Six large LED display companies are making what?

In recent times, the Mainland's a-share violent, have taken place in our economy and society are too rare phenomenon. Stock market from 2,200 up to 5,100 points in just six months time; the stock market plunged to 3,600 from 5,100 points with only half the time; the short, 40duowanyi the stock market boom, and just half a month lost 20 trillion. Price digital color green red red green, straight people sighed "I don't understand the world is changing fast."

Stocks were hit hard by listed firms to suspend business self-help, largest suspension flows in stock market history, 6 LED display companies listed in the Altos electronics, Lehman optoelectronics, built optical, Chau Ming technology, Riyadh has suspended, only strong Ai Bisen is still open. Below we take a look at the suspension under the boom, the large LED screen how to keep?