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Traffic LED Display How You Understand The Development Status Of Lled Lighting Engineering

At present, China's urban LED lighting engineering at all levels of government and leadership of the attention, has been unprecedented development. The Urban Nightscape lighting architecture has high starting point, large scale and rapid progress. In the process of urban lighting engineering development, many cities have accumulated a lot of experience.

Leadership attention is the key to good lighting work. Many of the city's leading leaders personally asked about the city's lighting projects and included this work in the municipal government's work plan. From the organization of personnel responsible for the establishment of specialized agencies such as "Liang-run", "Guangcai" and so on, vigorously implement the "Bright Project", "Lighting project" and other nightscape lighting projects, emerged a large number of outstanding lighting projects.

The cooperation of all departments and the participation of the whole people is the basis of good lighting work. Organization, coordination of the various departments, the cooperation between units, and actively mobilize the participation of all people is very important. According to the city's own characteristics, the development of a high starting point, high standards, high-level urban lighting engineering planning.Traffic LED Display

Urban lighting project should embody urban art and humanistic characteristics. The key to a city Nightscape lighting is to have a good overall plan first. such as Shenyang in the urban lighting project construction, landscape lighting construction According to urban positioning to plan the construction, planning is divided into overall planning and local planning. To achieve characteristics and functional positioning consistent.

Shanghai, Dalian, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other cities of urban lighting engineering, due to a more rigorous scientific overall planning, the entire city lighting project highlights, characteristics, better surface of their respective cities function, characteristics and historical diploma connotation.Traffic LED Display

The urban lighting project has developed from the pure pursuit of brightness to the pursuit of bright art and bright science.

Can not just let the city light up, but also to make the City beautiful, but also more night lighting works. Gradually realized by the lighting to shape the night-shaped three-feng landscape image and illumination of the artistic direction over, become a masterpiece of nightscape lighting.

Technical and management measures are relatively sound. Organizationally, the city has set up a special organization and personnel to manage this work, technology by the relevant professional and technical departments and personnel to form a bright working group of Experts on Urban Lighting engineering design, construction, commissioning research, testing and check.

Pay attention to the construction and management of urban lighting engineering. The management work is very important to maintain the operation and lighting effect of urban lighting engineering facilities. In the process of urban lighting engineering construction management, many cities have made many related rules and regulations.Traffic LED Display