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Analysis Of Practical Application Of Traffic LED Display

    LED display is widely used in many social and economic fields. In many applications of LED display, traffic information display is one of the important application fields, especially the advent of information age, the development of intelligent transportation system, in the field of transportation for the public service, the dissemination of information become an important service content, all kinds of information display equipment to become the airport, railway stations, terminals, bus stations, highways, urban roads, parking lots and other public information-oriented means, among them, LED display with its high brightness, high reliability and other features favored.Traffic LED Display
    LED display is one of the means of intelligent traffic system display, the Intelligent Transportation System (Intelligent Trans-Portation Systems, abbreviated its) refers to the intelligent information System which provides comprehensive transportation information service for the public or the special audience. The Intelligent Transportation Information Service system generally includes the information source, the information processing and the release display and so on, in which the release display mainly utilizes various multimedia display devices, such as LED display, LCD display, CRT display, PDP display and so on.
    In China's transportation industry, the airport flight dynamic information Display system in the system structure, display terminals and other aspects of the overall lead; The railway passenger Guide information display system starts early, the display means is traditionally led and CRT, which has developed rapidly in recent years, the system and the passenger transportation automation system network, has displayed the fine intellectualization level; The road traffic guidance system is rising rapidly, in the development and the consummation process, because of the road traffic environment characteristic, LED display is the main means of information display.Traffic LED Display
    Road Traffic guidance system is an important traffic information service system in modern urban intelligent traffic management system, the system real-time processing and analysis of traffic dynamic situation, by the control center of the command decision-makers through manual or automated means, the release and display of traffic information, road conditions, reducing the degree of congestion, improve road capacity. In practice, the public-oriented traffic guidance information is generally released under the outdoor environment, because of the high brightness of LED display, various forms of LED display is the main carrier of traffic guidance information. The common traffic-induced LED display mode has traffic-induced LED display (variable Intelligence board), traffic-induced path display card, stop sign, variable logo sign and so on.Traffic LED Display