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Application Craze Of Traffic LED Display

     LED electronic display-switch LED electronic display NOTE: Switch order: Open screen: First boot, and then open the screen. Off: First off, after the shutdown. (The first shutdown of the computer screen, will cause a high brightness screen, led burning lamp, serious consequences.) The switch screen time is greater than 5 minutes. After the computer enters the engineering control software, the power can be switched on. Avoid the screen in full white, because the system has the most impact current.Traffic LED Display

     Avoid running out of control, because the system has the greatest impact current. Computer does not enter the control software and other programs; the computer does not power on; When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation condition is bad, the LED illumination should be careful not to open the screen for a long time. Electronic display body part of a very bright line, should pay attention to timely off, in this state should not be long time to open the screen. Often appear in the display of power switch tripping, should check the screen or replace the power switch.Traffic LED Display

    Check the firm situation of the hooks regularly. If the phenomenon of loosening, pay attention to timely adjustment, to strengthen or update the lifting parts. According to the large screen display screen body, control part of the environment conditions, to avoid insect bites, if necessary, should be placed in the rat-proof drug.Traffic LED Display

     LED display is widely used in many social and economic fields. In many areas of application LED display, the display of traffic information is one of the important application fields, especially the arrival of the information age, the development of the intelligent Transportation system, the dissemination of information becomes the important service content in the transportation field for the public service, and all kinds of information display equipments become the airport, railway station, wharf, bus station, Highways, urban roads, car parks and other public information-oriented methods, including LED display with its high brightness, high reliability and other features favored.Traffic LED Display