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Design Of Indoor LED Electronic Display System

              21st century is the century of information economy and knowledge economy. More than 90% of people's access to information comes from the eyes, so the display equipment industry has always been one of the main battlefield in the information age. As with the development trend of the information industry today, the display equipment is also developed from analog technology to digital technology, Shang clarity and large-scale screen. The LED electronic display is characterized by its high brightness, large area, small volume, easy organization and low working environment, and is independent of the display equipment. LED electronic display in the developed countries have been widely used in China soon for enterprises at all levels of managers and technical staff familiar with.Indoor LED Display

              Therefore, we designed the LED display system for you to choose the world's leading LED display control technology--leyard 2000 chip. This display system is based on the principle of ease of use, that is easy to centralize control, but also support distributed governance, not only support different types of manufacturers of computer and network products integration, but also satellite, television and other systems and equipment, in line with the current and future development needs. In short, under the high quality LED display control system support, the display will be a fair investment and good enterprise social image of the information project, but also has long-term economic and social benefits.Indoor LED Display

              LED is the abbreviation of light-emitting diode (Light emitting diode), is widely used in the field of optoelectronic display materials, the use of different materials in a certain condition can occur red, green, yellow, blue and other colors, LED has the following characteristics, making it a big screen for the first choice of materials.

              LED display features: High brightness, the current outdoor single lamp brightness of more than 6, 000mcd; Low power consumption, with high photoelectric conversion efficiency; long life, led life of more than 200,000 hours, the response speed, NS level, no ash, low voltage and low current drive, easy to interface with the computer, the screen size is small, the maximum can be made to 300m2; view big, indoor screen angle is greater than ± 60 degrees, outdoor screen angle is greater than ± 80 degrees The range of sight can be adjusted by selecting products with different diameters and distances. Small to dozens of cm, large to hundreds of meters can meet the requirements; Flexible configuration, simple to digital display, complex to full-color video screen has different types of products can meet the requirements, indoor and outdoor have corresponding products; easy to interface with computer, support software rich.Indoor LED Display