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General Use Of Outdoor LED Display

    The use of LED display screen pixel imaging technology, to our modern life and added a trace of color, LED outdoor advertising display can be a large range of advertising information reflects the product's basic information and functional effects, is a good advertising equipment, Below is the advertisement network to the LED outdoor advertisement display Work Principle Introduction: Uses two layers, the middle fills the liquid crystal molecule, the upper layer is the FET transistor. The lower part of the sandwich is a common electric plate, in the light source design to use the "back-through" mode of irradiation, in the back of the liquid crystal similar to the fluorescent light tube.Outdoor LED Display

    When the light is irradiated by a liquid crystal molecule to transmit light, through the FET transistor layer, the crystal molecule will twist the direction of the arrangement to produce the transmission phenomenon, the image through the light display screen, to the next generation of electricity after the sequence of molecules will change, and then show different images.Outdoor LED Display

    LCD LCD Optical principle, bus body advertising TFT display using "back-through" irradiation mode-the imaginary light source path is not like the TN liquid crystal from top to bottom, but from the bottom up. The practice is to set a special light tube on the back of the liquid crystal, and the light shines through the lower side plate. As the electrodes of the upper and lower interlayer are changed into FET electrodes and a common ohmic electrode, when the FET electrode is conductive, the performance of the LCD molecule in the LED outdoor advertising display will also change, which can be achieved by shading and light transmittance, and the response time is raised to around 80ms.Outdoor LED Display

    Liquid crystal display in accordance with different control mode can be divided into passive matrix LCD and active matrix type LCD two kinds. Bus Shelters advertising section code display and dot matrix display. Paragraph code is the most common way to display, Xinjiang 961 news broadcasts, such as calculators, spreadsheets. Since the MP3, the development of the dot matrix, such as MP3, mobile phone screen, digital photo frame of these high-end consumer goods.Outdoor LED Display