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How Tackle Light Pollution For Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED display now covers everywhere in a city with multiple uses in commercials, information desks, municipal buildings and traffic centers. Useful as it might seem, it may cause some minor inconveniences for all the users. Light pollution can be a common one. This article aims to provide some advice to you when choosing an outdoor LED display.

1.Carefully calculate the area of outdoor LED display and where it should be installed before buying. Adjust the viewing angle and the height so that one can easily spot it with a casual glimpse. Usually 45 degree angle on a 10 meter high pole is good enough to reduce the direct shinning lights that may cause uncomfortable feelings to the viewers.

2.Regulate the brightness of outdoor LED display respectively in the daytime and nighttime. Especially at night, dimming the light not only saves substantial energy, but also prevents incidents from occurring because of strong lights.

3.Try videos that require pure but mixed colors instead of other flashing colors. Besides, when shifting videos, a mild one is a perfect choice. Avoid using sparkling images that may shut one’s eyes, leaving safety concerns. 

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