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How To Save Energy With LED Display

As global environment continues to worsen, people are overwhelmed by the threatening living circumstance. The WWF, responding to the global call of energy conservation, launched a worldwide project named Earth Hour about 10 years ago. Every year, from 8:30pm to 9:30pm, on the last Saturday of March, people from all around the world switch off unnecessary power supplies to for the support of the battle with climate change.

LED display is an energy-saving industry in itself. However, the power consumption by millions of LED light bulbs cannot be neglected indeed. As a professional LED display, LED-Hero will provide several technical advice concerning energy conservation for your reference.

1.Increase contrast to reduce brightness and power consumption.

2.Adjust the red light brightness according to daytime and nighttime brightness of the display.

3.Magnify the voltage to raise the light electricity conversion rate of the LED display.

4.Lower static voltage and improve circuit design to cut down power reduction.

5.Alter viewing angle of LED chip and improve lighting rate of red chips if necessary.

As for LED display users, ones should carefully and reasonably measure the size of an LED display on the basis of viewing distance, viewing angle and surroundings, etc. When choosing a product, one need to select an LED display with automatic brightness adjustment system for energy saving purposes. Such methods are basic steps, for more technical support on LED display, please visit our website: