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Indoor LED Display

              LED display as a High-tech products caused people to attach great importance to the use of computer control, the light, electricity into one of the smart Full-color display has been widely used in the field. Its pixel point using LED light-emitting diode, a lot of light-emitting diodes arranged in lattice mode, forming the LED array, and then constitute the LED screen. Through different LED drive mode, can get different effect of the image. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of LED driver chip play an important role in the display quality of LED display. LED driver chip can be divided into universal chip and special chip.Indoor LED Display

             General-purpose chip commonly used in LED display of low-end products, such as indoor single, dual-color screen. The most commonly used chip is 74hc595, with 8-bit latch, serial register and three-state output function. The current that is the maximum output of each path to the non constant currents of the MA.Indoor LED Display

              Because the LED is the current characteristic device, namely under the saturated conduction condition, its brightness changes with the current size change, does not change with its two ends voltage change. The special chip's biggest characteristic is provides the constant current source output, guaranteed the LED stable drive, eliminates the LED flicker phenomenon. With large output current, constant current characteristics, suitable for large current, high quality, such as outdoor full-color color, indoor full-color and so on.

               SMT5026 is a 16-channel constant-current LED driver integrated circuit designed for LED display, built-in CMOS shift registers and latch functions, the serial input data can be converted into parallel output data format. can provide 16 output current source, at each output port to provide 5~90ma constant current, the current size by the external resistance to adjust. Its use of advanced bicmos technology production, the use of the company's proprietary high-precision constant-current 16-channel output LED drive technology to ensure accurate 16-channel constant current output value matching degree. The current output value can easily control the luminous brightness of the led by external Resistance Regulation (iout=5~90ma). Output withstand voltage 18 Volts, each output end can be threaded multiple LEDs. It contains 16-bit shift registers, 16-bit latches, 1.2V reference source, and 16-channel High-precision constant-current driver modules.Indoor LED Display