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Indoor LED Display Display Content Factor

Outdoor display because of the poor use of the environment, higher quality requirements. There are also many factors to consider. From the point of view of the use of Full-color to the future mainstream. Because of its high brightness, color whole, all-weather work has its irreplaceable advantage, but the price is high. From the perspective of application, to meet the user needs of the product there is a reason for existence. Double-color display in the display text, color requirements are not high, no blue occasions, with its low price, mature and stable occupation of a large market.Indoor LED Display

Software is free: The display industry is generally a common problem of Chinese enterprises-only production does not research and development. At present, only a few enterprises have genuine software. It is illegal to use piracy now. To see the performance of the price ratio: to see the performance of the price ratio rather than simply look at the price. Grayscale: As a double color and full color display of gray is an important indicator.Indoor LED Display

At present, the market is flooded with many 16-level and 64-level grayscale display pseudo 256-level gray. Its control costs are only 5 per 1 of the control of level 256 grayscale. The simplest way is to play a more intense sports scene of the VCD to see if the LED display can be seen clearly.Indoor LED Display

In addition to taking into account the needs of the above-mentioned display and space factors, the installation location and visual range should also be considered. If the installation location and the main visual distance, the pixel size should be larger, because the larger the pixel size, the more the light in the pixel, the higher the brightness, and the more effective visual distance. However, the larger the pixel size, the lower the pixel resolution of the unit area, the less the content is displayed.Indoor LED Display

The power consumption of the display is divided into average power consumption and maximum power consumption. The average power consumption is also known as the actual electricity consumption. The maximum power consumption is to start or Kangliang and other extreme situations when the electricity consumption, the maximum electricity consumption is AC electricity (wire diameter, switch, etc.) must consider the elements.Indoor LED Display