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Indoor LED Display Features And Advantages Listed

     At present, the maintenance of LED display is for the special environment, the installed LED display, can not be maintained from behind the LED display, but only from the front to maintain the structure of the way. The front maintenance LED display has three ways: the conventional way is the magnet installs, the LED Display module or the unit board through the magnet magnetism and the display structure tightly absorbs together, maintains can by the LED Display module or the unit board to take down, may the screen body carry on the maintenance. Box module of the front maintenance, so as to facilitate the removal of LED display, but this installation method will cause the problem of heat dissipation.Indoor LED Display
     The third way is outdoor LED display, in the case of waterproof, positive maintenance. We aim at this situation, the display LED display analysis, to solve this problem, and finally get a breakthrough, our solution is fixed LED module screws from the front of the module lock, the module front has a screw hole, the box behind the need to wear a nut. This approach costs relatively high.Indoor LED Display
     Features Advantages: Led intelligent display, in fact, is the display and the Internet to achieve a clustered remote release, remote control, remote monitoring, and these clustered led display scale of dozens of, hundreds of, or even up to thousands of blocks. When the display problem, it will spontaneously timely alarm, and then analyze their state, some problems can be automatically repaired, to a certain extent, reduce the workload of engineers. With the development of technology, the intellectualization of the display will be upgraded further. Smart Displays not only display high-definition, smooth, dynamic graphics and video, but also provide more features and services for consumers to use and enjoy, enhance interaction and personal experience with consumers.Indoor LED Display
    Advantages: Led wireless display is the use of GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G and other wireless communication network, the realization of LED display remote, real-time and large-scale networking information dissemination. Large Network size: LED wireless display through GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G and other wireless networks to send information, the use of TCP/IP network Transmission protocol, the number of terminal networking unlimited, and thus can be large-scale network. Real-time release information: LED wireless display can receive information from the center at any time. Unlimited distance restrictions: Led wireless display can be used nationwide, as long as there is a wireless network signal coverage of the place can be used, not limited by distance and location.Indoor LED Display