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Indoor LED Display Structure Mode

    As we all know, led display has 5 different LED modules, and different modules also have different advantages and disadvantages, so in the custom LED screen, the customer needs to understand the characteristics of LED screen module, can be based on the actual Application and site conditions to choose. Here we come together to understand some of the led display module. According to the LED screen surface treatment process is different, we can be divided into plug-in module, table paste module, sub-table paste module, triple die module, three and a table paste module.Indoor LED Display

    First, the plug module: refers to the DIP package of the lamp through the PCB board, through the welding of tin filled in the lamp hole, made by this process is the LED module plug light module; Large, high brightness, good heat dissipation; the disadvantage is the small pixel density.Second, the table paste module: Surface paste is also called SMT, the SMT package through the welding process welding the PCB board surface, the lamp does not have to go through the PCB board, the advantages are: large viewing angle, showing the image is soft, pixel density , Suitable for indoor viewing; the disadvantage is not high enough brightness, the lamp itself is not good enough heat.Third, the sub-table paste module: is between DIP and SMT between a product, the LED lamp package surface and SMT the same, but it is the same as the positive and negative pins and DIP, the production is also through the PCB To the welding, Indoor LED Display made of such a process LED module advantages are: high brightness, good display, the shortcomings are: complex process, maintenance difficulties.Four, three-in-one surface paste: refers to the R, G, B three different colors of the LED chip package in the same colloid; Advantages are: production is simple, the display is good, the drawback is: poor color separation, high cost TheFive, three and a surface paste: refers to the R, G, B three independent packaging SMT lights in accordance with a certain distance vertically tied together, so not only has all the advantages of triple play, but also solve the triple Various shortcomings.Indoor LED Display