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Indoor LED Display Technology

    LED Display working principle-(a) The system consists of computer-specific equipment, display screen, video input port and system software. Computer and Special Equipment: computer and special equipment directly determine the function of the system, according to the user's different requirements of the system to choose different types. Display screen: The control circuit of the display screen receives the display signal from the computer, drives the led to produce the picture, and through increases the power amplifier, the speaker output sound.Indoor LED Display

    Video input port: Provide video input port, signal source can be VCR, DVD player, camera, etc., support NTSC, PAL, S_video and many other formats. System software: Provides special software for led playback, PowerPoint or ES98 video playback software. (ii) system function The system has the following functions: computer-processing control center, electronic screen and computer display (VGA) window of a region-by-point correspondence, display the content of real-time synchronization, screen mapping position adjustable, can be easily selected display screen size.Indoor LED Display

    Display lattice using ultra-high brightness led light-emitting tube (red, green double color), 256 levels of gray, color change combination 65536 kinds, color rich lifelike, and support VGA24 bit true color display mode. Equipped with graphics and text information and three-dimensional animation playback software, can play high-quality graphics and text information and three-dimensional animation. The way of displaying information of the software is covering, closing, curtain opening, alternating color, enlarging and shrinking, etc. more than 10 kinds of forms.Indoor LED Display

    Use special program editing and playback software, can be keyboard, mouse, scanner and other input means to edit, add, delete and modify text, graphics, images and other information. Arranged in the control host or server hard disk, program play sequence and time, realize the integration alternately play, and can overlay each other. Can receive video signals such as display recorders, DVD players and so on.Indoor LED Display