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Introduction Of Various Installation Methods For Indoor LED Display

Inlay installation: Suitable for small size indoor screen. Because of the small installation space, in order not to occupy space, according to the size of the screen area on the wall to dig the same size area, the LED display embedded in the wall. The wall body is required to be a solid wall. The use of the former maintenance method, the cost is higher. Wall-Mounted installation: more suitable for indoor LED display installation, small area (10 square meters below), wall requirements are solid wall, hollow brick or simple bulkhead wall is not suitable for this installation.Indoor LED Display

Post-type installation: More for outdoor advertising led electronic display installation, wide field of vision, surrounding more open places, such as square, parking lot. According to the size of the screen area can be divided into single column and double column type installation. Roof-mounted: mainly applicable to outdoor advertising led electronic display, the installation site is mainly the roof of the building, with the increase in the height of the building to consider the level of wind will also increase. Ledpanel through a certain control mode, used to display text, text, graphics, images, animation, quotes and other information, as well as television, video signals and led device array composed of display screen.Display unit: DisplayUnit the smallest unit of LED display which is determined by circuit and installation structure and has display function. Fatal failure: Criticaldefect the use, maintenance of products or related personnel may cause harm or unsafe conditions, or the important characteristics of the unit product does not meet the requirements or the quality characteristics of the unit products seriously do not meet the requirements.Indoor LED Display Pseudo-Color LED display: Pseudo-colorledpanel in different areas of the LED display to install different colors of the color of the color of the LED device LED display.Indoor LED Display Usage Environment: LED display is divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display by using environment. Display color: LED display color is divided into a base color LED display (including pseudo color LED display), dual-color LED display and full-color (three-color) LED display. According to gray level can be divided into 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 levels of gray LED display.Indoor LED Display