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Introduction To The Concept Of Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor media refers to the main buildings of the roof and commercial areas of the front door, roadside and other outdoor venues set up advertising information media, the main forms include road LED display, led electronic display, led Full-color, LED screen, balloons, airships, carriages, large inflatable models.Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor advertising is a very big concept, common with light boxes, street signs, neon lights, posters, transport and window and so on, different outdoor media, have different performance styles and characteristics, should be creatively used to integrate the advantages of various media. We have many cities, billboards more and more, the density of more and more high, destroying the city's sense of space and coordination, pollution of the city's environment.Outdoor LED Display 

In Europe developed countries, outdoor advertising location, spacing density, size ratio, seems to take into account the city's surrounding environment and pedestrian density, making people feel warm and comfortable, played a role in beautifying and decorating the city.Outdoor LED Display Large area, bright color, the main body is bright, design novel, with vivid image, simple and lively characteristics.Outdoor LED Display 

Advertising image is prominent, easy to attract pedestrians attention, and easy to remember. In addition, outdoor advertising is inadvertently to the audience with visual stimulation, not compulsive, information is easy to be recognized and accepted, and outdoor advertising generally issued for a longer period of time, the cumulative effect of the impression on the regional.Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED Electronic screen media is the trend of the development of advertising industry in 21st century, is a audio and video function of indoor and outdoor advertising display equipment, is a leading international High-tech products. The appearance of the equipment is novel and unique, its area can be adjusted at will, not only can play audio and video advertising programs, but also can be installed on all sides of the fixed light box advertising, the Government is encouraged to promote the use of outdoor LED screen, the cancellation of canvas advertising, light box advertising approval.Outdoor LED Display