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Introduction To The Nature Of Indoor LED Display

     LED electronic display is composed of tens of thousands of-hundreds of thousands of semiconductor light-emitting diode pixel points evenly arranged. The use of different materials can create different colors of LED pixel points. Currently the most widely used is red, green, yellow. The development of blue and pure green LED has reached the practical stage.Indoor LED Display

     LED display can display the change of digital, text, graphic images, not only can be used in the indoor environment can also be used for outdoor environment, with projectors, TV walls, LCD display can not be compared with the advantages. Led by the widespread attention and get rapid development, and it has its own advantages of inseparable. These advantages are summarized as follows: High brightness, low working voltage, small power consumption, miniaturization, long life, shock resistance and stable performance. Led development prospects are very broad, is currently moving towards higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability, full-color direction of development.Indoor LED Display

     The classification of LED display, according to the color of the base can be divided into: Single color display: Mono (red or green). Dual-color display: red and green double color, 256 levels of gray, can display 65536 colors. Full color display: Red, green, blue three primary colors, 256 levels of gray color display can display more than 16 million kinds of color.Indoor LED Display

     According to the display device Category: Led Digital display: Display device for 7-piece Code digital tube, suitable for the production of clock screen, interest rate screen, display digital electronic display. Led lattice graphics and text display: Display devices are composed of many evenly arranged light-emitting diode lattice display module, suitable for playing text, image information. Indoor LED Display

    Classification by use: Indoor display: Light emitting point is smaller, general φ3mm--φ8mm, display area is generally several to more than 10 square meters. Outdoor Display: The area of general dozens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, high brightness, can work in the sun, with windproof, rain-proof, waterproof function.Indoor LED Display