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LED Display: Maintenance Tips In Smog

As living conditions continue to worse these days, humans have compelled to learn to cope with smog weather, which is typical detrimental weather in northern China, Beijing, to be specific. Whenever smog comes, it harms everything we live on. The water is contaminated; the food is poisoned; electricity may be cut out. Everything cannot function well as it did.

Smog does harm to the LED display equipment in these following ways. With fog, LED display will suffer damp. Humidity will cause oxidized corrosion of the LED display PCB, power supply, power lines and other devices, or even a short circuit occurs, and thus malfunction. In the long-term impact of the haze a variety of fine dust in the air will enter the ventilation openings in the device accelerate the wear or even damage the fan and other equipment. Dust will fall onto the display surface of the device internal control, not only reducing the LED display and thermal insulation properties, but also accelerating the aging of the display, affecting duration.

During routine maintenance, regular dust cleaning is necessary in wet weather to avoid dust absorb moisture in the air causing a short circuit, leading to mildew PCB board and electronic components. It is worth noting that theseldom use of surface-mount LED display long-term use will lead to decreased reliability, it is recommended to use more than 1 hour per day in the fog and haze days to reduce the moisture to monitor erosion.