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LED Enterprises Over 1500 Jiangmen Industrial Chain Formed

According to the Southern Metropolis newspaper, Jiangmen will build quality LED safety demonstration area, stationed in demonstration zone enterprises are expected to priority entitlement by bohui platform Qatar orders. On Friday, LED lighting product quality safety demonstration, Jiangmen city work Conference was held in Jiangmen city Association of lighting industry.

Will apply for State-level demonstration zone

In recent years, some developed and area have improve has LED lamps imports threshold, in energy-saving environmental, and performance, and security, and size, aspects proposed has more high, and more strictly of requirements, domestic LED lighting products faced with quality and technology of double test, to guarantee Jiangmen LED export products of quality, let Jiangmen manufacturing smooth out of abroad,, Jiangmen city, Government planning this year within established LED quality security model district, aimed at further upgrade export enterprise quality consciousness, and quality control capacity and clearance convenience of level, Work together to foster quality, technology, brands, services, export new competitive advantages.

Meeting revealed that at present the preparatory group has been set up, and more than 50 enterprises have submitted applications. LED manufacturing, Jiangmen to enhance regional brand and corporate brand value and visibility in the area, Jiangmen LED safety demonstration area will apply for State-level demonstration zone, successful applicants will also enjoy more preferential policies. Preparatory Committee also said the demonstration area will produce two or three leading benchmarks, so that enterprises in the development of new products, innovation, brand building, participation in standards development and quality management has been greatly improved. In addition, these enterprises can be detected in LE d, technical problems on a priority basis, to understand the foreign technical trade measures to benefit.