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LED Net Companies Visit: Hua Can Photoelectric, Focusing On "core" World

Mainly exhibited the "three high" series, that is, high density chips, highlighted chips and high voltage chip. Among them, high density chips and highlighting chip for high density displays and outdoor high-end display design. Wang believes that current LED displays is developing toward the direction of high density, such as P3,P2.5 and so on, in order to render more clear image now displays the higher pixel density requirements, chips before using the number from 100,000 up to 200,000 per square meter per square meter. To meet the display area of the demand, Hua Can high density displays with chips as the main direction of 2013, from the extension of chip structures, chip technology, as well as display IC chip, PCB design and other surrounding systems technology, and is committed to creating higher luminous efficiency, produce fewer, more reliable, better consistency of display chip.

In addition, outdoor displays characteristics of vulnerable environment, Hua Can also fully upgraded product technology, improve brightness, at present, after the highlight package, green light brightness than 4000mcd 346 direct intubation, and weather resistance and superior performance.