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LED Net Companies Visit: Technology, Future Of LED Light

In spring, the Chinese Government repeatedly introduced energy saving and environmental protection macro-control policies, in front of the prospect of good policy, LED corporate recruiting, preparing to fight. However, current LED lighting market is already a Red Sea business he need to size up the situation, repositioning on the market. In addition to the price of civil war, the "made in China" should have more content, then, in the Red Sea competition, LED the Foundation of the enterprise where? LED network had the privilege to interview to Shenzhen technology Vice President Pan Rurong, he LED lighting market in China, the valiant's strategy to share their views on issues such as layout.

National leader in LED packaging and lighting

According to Pan Zong introduced, technology was founded in December 2002, February 17, 2012, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is a research and development, design, production and sales of high-end LED lighting device package and LED lighting products provider. As one of the few focused on LED development of established businesses, valiant technology research and development team with more than 200 people from the core chip to package, application, is its own development and design. With more than 10 years of experience, valiant has been created from the LED light source device package to a complete industrial chain of production of LED lighting products. In terms of outdoor lighting, providing products such as street lighting, industrial lighting, tunnel lights, interior lighting is based on lamp, bulb, downlight into three categories. Company to "customer" and "customized" service and meticulous marketing strategy with roots in the overseas market. Developed by its "energy-efficient high-power LED Street lamp", "energy-efficient LED lamp" was identified as a national initiative, with good market ... Company for at least the next three years, will continue to be strong brand position in domestic packaging and lighting products to become the new growth point, after establishing a strong industrial advantage.