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Main Features And Development Of Outdoor LED Display

    Outdoor LED display: The area of general dozens of square meters to hundreds of square meters or even larger, high brightness, viewing angle can work in the sun, with a certain amount of wind, rain, waterproof functions. Mainly used in outdoor advertising, stations, plazas, shopping malls and so on. Outdoor LED displays usually appear in the form of outdoor media. Outdoor media refers to the main buildings of the roof and commercial areas of the front door, roadside and other outdoor venues set up advertising information media, the main forms include road LED display, led electronic display, led Full-color, LED screen, balloons, airships, carriages, large inflatable models.Outdoor LED Display
    Main features: LED display has been to save energy, environmental protection and attention, LED is synonymous with energy saving. Compared with the traditional lighting products, LED energy-saving advantage is quite obvious and prominent, in the near future, there is a full power to replace the traditional trend of lighting. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection around the world, we can hear low carbon, energy saving and emission reduction, and can feel people's efforts for environmental protection: City Electric taxi, LED road lamp, Solar + wind energy street lamp, freon-free refrigerator air conditioner and so on are the most vivid feelings in our life. LED display itself using light-emitting materials is energy-saving products. However, because the outdoor display area is generally larger, so the power consumption is still larger. Many outdoor LED display manufacturers respond to the call of the World Energy Organization and the long-term development interests of the industry, has introduced a more energy-saving, Low-carbon outdoor LED display products, its power consumption, compared to the previous display, has a great improvement. Outdoor LED display, due to daytime and night ambient brightness has a great change, so we can automatically adjust the outdoor LED display brightness method to achieve energy saving and emission reduction effect.Outdoor LED Display
    At present, LED display in the life of infiltration is still small, small scope, even in the use of living supplies, but also small area, the display effect is relatively simple. However, with the development of smart home, intelligent display demand, and the continuous improvement of LED display performance, its use in life will become more common. This situation is undoubtedly the vast number of LED screen companies want to see the scene. Now LED display has entered the room, into the security, education and other wider areas of application, but in fact, is still a large screen display field, ordinary people in daily life or rarely used. If you take the form of life supplies, even if the required area may be very small, but as a daily necessities, the demand is not comparable to the present, so that the emerging growth point is not impossible, and even form a new market segment.Outdoor LED Display