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Outdoor Advertising LED Display Approval Process

                 One. Centralized approval. LED display ads belong to the city appearance, the impact of the public relatively large advertising, I bureau in accordance with the "Zen area to strengthen the implementation of outdoor advertising management program", called District planning, Urban management, business administration, transportation, traffic police and other outdoor advertising management team member units, through joint meetings for centralized approval. At the meeting, the members of the unit according to their own functions, the LED Advertising application project security, landscape, impact on the residents and other aspects of discussion and research, and ultimately form the consent to set the approval opinion.

                 Second, social publicity. According to the regulations for the management of outdoor advertising in Guangdong Province, the approval of the large-scale led, before the approval decision will be made on the government website and the special site to publicize the 15th, or through the written request for advice, etc. to solicit the views of interested parties. We deal with the objections of the stakeholders and respond to the results. If necessary, may take the hearing or demonstration and so on to listen to the views.Outdoor LED Display

                 Third, set restrictions. According to the characteristics of the LED electronic display ads mainly in the dynamic picture, we will make a few restrictions when approving the license: the first is to specify the operating time, generally required to run from 8 o'clock in the morning to 21 o'clock; the second is to limit the brightness and the screen flashing frequency, brightness to the traffic police Department does not affect the safety of transportation; third, limit the size, the size of the advertising specifications in accordance with the joint examination and approval of the programme.Outdoor LED Display

                 Finally, the local sector will combine the actual situation, adopt Joint Meeting form, joint planning, industry and commerce and Urban management departments for approval, through publicity, consultation, hearings and other forms of extensive public consultation, and the outdoor large-scale LED display ads set the location and operating time, to standardize and guide to minimize the impact on the surrounding residents, merchants.Outdoor LED Display