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Outdoor LED Display

          1, the maximum output current: the current mainstream constant current source LED driver chip maximum output current for each channel of the around the MA. The maximum output of constant current at the same time is more significant for the display, because in the white balance state, it is required to output constant current at the same time.Outdoor LED Display

         2, constant current output channel number: constant current source output channel has 8 and 16 bit two specifications, now 16-bit mainstream, its main advantage is to reduce the chip size, easy LED driver Board (PCB) wiring, especially for the point spacing smaller LED drive plate more favorable.Outdoor LED Display

         3, accurate current output: one is the same chip channel between the current error value; the other is the output current error between different chips. The precision of the current output is a key parameter, the display uniformity of the LED display has a great impact. The larger the error, the poorer the display uniformity, the more difficult the screen body to achieve the white balance. At present the mainstream constant current source chip current error (bit to bit) generally within ± 3%, (chip to chip) between the chip current error within ± 6%.Outdoor LED Display

         4, Data shift clock: it determines the transmission speed of the display data, which is the key index to affect the update rate of the display. As a large size display device, the display refresh rate should be above 85Hz, in order to ensure a stable picture (no scanning flicker). A high data shift clock is the basis for the screen to get a high refresh rate. At present, the mainstream constant current source driver chip shift clock frequency is generally above 15-25 MHz.Outdoor LED Display