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Outdoor LED Display And Related Notes

    LED display since there has been to energy conservation, environmental protection and attention, LED is synonymous with energy. Compared with the traditional lighting products, LED energy-saving advantage is quite obvious and outstanding, in the near future, great full of traditional lighting to replace the trend. With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness around the world, we can hear low-carbon, energy-saving emission reduction everywhere, can feel people to make efforts for environmental protection: urban electric taxi; LED road lights; solar + wind energy street lights; Fluorine refrigerator air conditioning and so on are the most real feelings of our lives. LED display itself is the use of light-emitting materials is energy-saving products. However, due to the outdoor display area is generally larger, so the power consumption is still large. Many outdoor LED display manufacturers in response to the call of the World Energy Organization and the industry long-term development interests of the point of view, has introduced a more energy efficient, low-carbon outdoor LED display products, its power consumption, compared to the previous display, with Great improvement. Outdoor LED display, as the day and night ambient brightness has changed greatly, so we can automatically adjust the outdoor LED display brightness method to achieve energy saving and emission reduction effect.Outdoor LED Display

    With the continuous development of urban construction process, outdoor LED display for the media advertising new carrier more and more to be used. Outdoor LED display can give the city a certain degree of image to enhance the form of advertising is also flexible and diverse. However, the outdoor LED display in the course of the use of, or there are some things to note: structural design outdoor LED display a larger area, it is still very heavy. Installed in the outdoor LED display, the first page to note is the structure of the design. The installation structure should take into account: wind, earthquake, bearing and other major factors; followed by the shape of the screen body, structure, exterior. Outdoor LED Display

    The design should be in harmony with the building or environment in which it is attached. Moreover, consideration is given to local environmental factors such as air humidity, air and saline (coastal city), and so on. Light pollution, with the popularity of LED display, but mention the "light pollution" concept. Then in the end LED display count "light pollution" it? International definition of light pollution, usually divided into three categories: white light pollution, artificial daytime and IPL pollution. At present, China's only white light pollution in the glass curtain wall has the relevant provisions of the artificial daylight and IPL pollution is not related to the provisions. But taking into account the IPL pollution does cause people feel discomfort, should belong to "light pollution." In the design of the display screen has been considered to show the screen light pollution prevention and control issues.Outdoor LED Display