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Outdoor LED Display Different Forms Of Expression

Outdoor advertising is a great concept, common with light boxes, signs, neon lights, posters, vehicles and windows, etc., different outdoor media, have different performance style and characteristics, should be creatively used to integrate a variety of media The advantages. We have many cities, billboards bigger and bigger, the density is getting higher and higher, undermine the city's sense of space and coordination, polluting the city's environment.Outdoor LED Display

Domestic outdoor advertising are mostly flat works and transplantation, but with a larger font advertising language, more obvious brand mark, then add a striking picture. Whether it is kanban or large columns, are four or four square graphic design. In the streets of Europe, in the street and the corner there are many advertising columns, usually 2-3 meters high, cylindrical, diamond-shaped and four-sided, etc., the top of the design is a lot of patterns, and around The architectural style complement each other.Outdoor LED Display

As well as the use of bus doors and tires. So that the ads have a dynamic work, as well as advertising items or representatives of billboards outside, resulting in three-dimensional effect of the works, often visible, it is attracting visitors. In the last year, China Advertising Festival advertising works competitions, the only side of the outdoor advertising gold medal Weihai zipper, but also broke through the high column road brand advertising monotonous rectangular design, zipper characteristics, in the middle of the billboard on both sides of the open, the use of exaggerated Contrasting the way, making a person or hanging on the zipper pull ring, or standing on the zipper pull up, vividly show the reliability of the zipper, in the many signs of advertising come to the fore, with a strong visual impact.Outdoor LED Display