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Outdoor LED Display Installation Process Common Problems

1, Outdoor LED Display large screen installed in the outdoor often sun and rain, poor working environment. Electronic equipment is wet or severe damp can cause short circuit or even fire, causing failure or even fire, causing losses.

2, Outdoor LED Display large screen may be caused by lightning strong magnetic field attack.

3, Outdoor LED Display large screen area is generally from a few square meters to dozens or even hundreds of square meters, wide audience, line of sight requirements wide field of vision requirements, environmental light changes, especially may be exposed to direct sunlight, thus affecting the display.

4, the ambient temperature changes greatly. LED screen work itself to produce a certain amount of heat, if the ambient temperature is too high and poor heat, the integrated circuit may work is not normal, or even burned, so that the display system can not work; and winter ambient temperature is too low, resulting in The display system can not start.

For the above special requirements, Outdoor LED Display large screen installation Note:

1, the installation of steel structure

As a large-screen bearing the steel frame structure to ensure its stability, in order to achieve the role of anti-wind and earthquake. Often Outdoor LED Display display installation area is large, and most of the installation of personnel in the more intensive places, the design of its steel structure to consider the basis of wind, water, dust, moisture, ambient temperature, lightning, the surrounding population density factor. At the same time within the steel structure also need to place distribution cabinets, air conditioning, axial fans, lighting and other auxiliary equipment, but also a road, ladder and other maintenance facilities. Therefore, in the implementation, the entire outdoor screen steel structure should be through the government departments to review the design drawings after passing to ensure the reliability of the entire steel structure.

In addition, the scaffolding erection is an important part of the steel structure construction process, we must ensure that the scaffolding before the program through rigorous design calculations and program demonstration, and to ensure that the site according to the norms of construction and timely testing to eliminate the scaffolding safety accidents The

2, standardize electricity

According to the provisions of the site temporary electricity (JGJ46-2005), the construction site must use three-stage power distribution system, must adopt TN-S then zero protection system, must adopt two-stage leakage protection system. Should avoid the construction process will be made of three levels of distribution power distribution, PE line leads to the wrong position, repeat the location and the number of unequal ground for the safety of construction hidden risks.