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Outdoor LED Display-usage Precautions

              With the development of urban construction, outdoor LED display is more and more widely used in advertising new media. Outdoor LED display can certainly bring a certain promotion to the city image, the form of advertisement is also flexible and diverse. However, outdoor LED display in the process of use, there are still some matters needing attention: 1. Structural designOutdoor LED Display

              Outdoor LED display generally large area, so still very heavy. Installed in the outdoor LED display, the home page needs attention is the design of the structure. The installation structure should take into account: Anti-wind, seismic, bearing and other major factors, followed by the shape of the screen, structure, external decorative design should be attached to the building or the environment to coordinate; Furthermore, consider the local environmental factors, such as air humidity, the salt content of the air (seaside city) and so on. 2. Light pollution.Outdoor LED Display

             With the popularization of LED display in recent years, the concept of "light pollution" is proposed. So in the end, the LED display is not "light pollution"? According to the current definition of international light pollution, it is usually divided into 3 categories: white pollution, artificial daylight and color light pollution. At present, China only on white pollution of glass curtain wall has relevant provisions, artificial daylight and color light pollution has no relevant provisions. But considering the color light pollution does cause people to feel unwell, should belong to "light pollution". The problem of light pollution prevention and control is always considered when designing display screens.

             According to the formation of the reasons, our products have taken the corresponding solution. 1, reasonable layout of the display area and the location of the installation according to the viewing distance and viewing angle and the surrounding environment, as well as display content requirements, reasonable planning display area and location. Instead of blindly pursuing an area that is super large and has a significant location. 2, the selection and design of content, large-scale giant display is the public media, public welfare category, advertising class, indicating class and so on. When we choose to play the content, we must agree with the public to avoid rejecting psychology. 3, multi-level gray correction technology to improve the color of softness. LED display products using more gray level, so that color looks soft, natural transition. 4, the use of the system automatically adjust the brightness adjustment system, different time and place the brightness of the environment is greatly changed, if the display screen brightness is greater than the environment, resulting in people's eyes do not adapt to, especially in the daytime and night brightness difference is relatively large, resulting in light pollution, our automatic brightness adjustment system can be automatically converted to the environment for the broadcast brightness, to avoid the light pollution.Outdoor LED Display