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Outdoor LED Display Waterproofing

Recently intensive heavy rainstorms hit southern China, causing severe flooding and landslides in Chinas Guangdong, Fujian and Hainan provinces, injuring thousands of people. Such unpredictable natural disasters render us to consider the waterproof practices in terms of outdoor LED display manufacturing and maintenance issues.

There are different measures taken concerning the multiple usages of outdoor LED display. For indoor LED display, adequate ventilation is the key.For indoor display, first adequate ventilation. Adequate ventilation can help monitor attached to the rapid evaporation of moisture, reduce the relative humidity of the indoor environment. However, try not to ventilate in windless and wet weather. This will increase the indoor humidity; secondly, indoors placed desiccant, physical absorbent solutions to reduce the moisture in the air.If there is an air conditioner, it can be used to dry up the moisture.

Outdoor screen should not only consider the problem of moisture, but also do water and other routine maintenance work, particularly in rainy season. A good sealing installation can help reduce the risk of foundering. Clean the dust on the external of the display regularly to ensure better heat dissipation, reducing the adhesion of vapor.