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Performance Characteristics Of Indoor LED Display

          1, LED display color: Monochrome display: From the display effect, the general monochrome display only changong or single yellow. Monochrome displays are generally used to play simple text. such as securities companies or banks and other institutions used more. Dual-color display: The general use is red, green two colors. Level 256 grayscale, 65536 colors can be displayed. Used to play text, simple pictures, etc. General stations and other places are more common. Full-color display: Red, green, blue three primary colors, the 256-level gray color display can display more than 16 million kinds of color. Play text, pictures, videos, etc. Generally used in commercial advertising, stage performances and so on.Indoor LED Display

          2, Pixel and resolution: the smallest unit that makes up the display, which we call pixels. For example, a changong display, which is a red light, is called a pixel. And if it is a full-color display, one of its pixels is the smallest white point (1r1g1b). And the resolution of a display is how many pixels the display consists of. Like the usual computer monitor, the general resolution is $number. The LED display is also a technical parameter. General graphics and text screen on the length and width of the display is not required. If it is a video screen, the width of the display is generally 4:3 or 16:9, so the effect is the best. In addition, the customer's use of LED lights will be required. LED lamp is divided into plug-in lights, SMD lights, and ATV lamp. Generally do outdoor screen with plug-in led, indoors with patches, but also can not be so summed up, many outdoor display is still used to the Asian table affixed to the LED, with the Asian table paste led convenient potting to achieve waterproof. Specific or see customer requirements.Indoor LED Display

          3, point spacing: A screen adjacent to two pixels between the distance is called a point spacing. Generally called PX. The smaller the Point Spacing screen, the better the playback effect, the clearer the image, the higher the technical content. In addition, point spacing and display visual distance are directly related. Generally PX screen, its best viewing distance is x/2 meters away. For example, the P10 display, in 5 meters outside the effect will be better. When the display was just developing, since most of the use of dot matrix module to produce display, so the point spacing of the salutation is φx, where the φ is representative of a pixel diameter, such as φ3, φ5 and so on, but now generally do not use this statement, because the use of lattice modules to produce the screen has slowly faded out of the market.Indoor LED Display