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Rental Of Rental LED Display

     Check whether the power supply is connected to the signal cable. Check whether the test card to identify the interface, the test card red light is not recognized, check whether the lamp board with the test card with the power source, or the lamp-board interface with signal and ground short-circuit caused unrecognized interface. (Intelligent test Card) to detect whether the 74hc245 has a virtual welding short-circuit, 245 on the corresponding enabling (EN) signal input and output of the foot is virtual welding or short-circuit to other lines. Note: Mainly check the power supply and the enabling (EN) signal. In the point oblique scan, the regularity of the interlaced display screen overlap.Rental LED Display

     Show missing color: detects whether the data end of this color in 245 has input output. Detects whether the color's data signal is short-circuited to another line. Detection of the color of the driver IC between the Cascade data port whether there is a circuit breaker or short-circuit, virtual welding. Note: The voltage detection method is easy to find the problem, the test data port voltage and normal is different, determine the fault area.Rental LED Display

     The output has a problem: the test output interface to the signal output IC circuit is connected or shorted. Check the output of the clock latch signal is normal. Detects whether the cascade output data port between the last driver IC is connected to the data port of the output interface or shorted. Whether the output signal has a short-circuit or a short-circuit to the ground. Check that the output is in good line.Rental LED Display

     LED panel PLATE: Some LED unit plate manufacturers for low-cost competition, the use of low-cost flame retardant paper boards or single-sided fibreboard as LED lamp PCB circuit board. Because, the whole glass fiber PCB board is too expensive. The beginning of the effect on the difference, the lucky words can support a half year, eight months, under normal circumstances will not be due to damp, ultraviolet damage, oxidation and other reasons and fracture, resulting in the entire LED unit plate scrap. High-quality LED unit board must use double-sided full glass fiber PCB board, although the cost is high, but the quality is guaranteed.Rental LED Display