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Stages Of LED Display Evolution

Years of prosperity has witnessed the commercial success of LED display industry.

1, LED display utility model stage: LED display with environmental protection, high brightness, high-definition, high reliability features. Previously, LED display market just to meet the people's simple needs, but these LED displays are much less qualified.

With the development of the LED display, LED products now have a new breakthrough, at least compared to the previous phase. Also we developed a series completely different from the traditional products with light source application. LED display now has become bigger and wider and much more intelligent. It not only beautifies the role, it has also has changed our life bit by bit. Today, the manufacturers want to compete in design and application of technology research and development strengths.

2, LED display intelligent control stage: With the continuous progress and development of the LED display technology, LED as a semiconductor industry, has become one of the thriving sectors in Hi-tech. From home to office, from the road to the tunnel, from cars to walking, from indoor to outdoor, intelligent control of LED display systems will bring a higher level of human services. LED display industry will also shift from manufacturing to design products, and provide the overall solution process.