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The Current Situation Of Traffic LED Display And The Way To Save Electricity

    Small spacing LED display and creative screen era of growing maturity, also means that the intelligent era has slowly arrived. Relevant industry understanding revealed that the 21st century to the smart as the benchmark of social posture, will lead the whole social application of a new round of baptism. This baptism in goods, technology, and other major applications play incisively and vividly, this product also in the current LED display field has a very good presentation, in the current     LED display control system, whether in the signal recognition, remote monitoring, touch display and so on all aspects have been very obvious.Traffic LED Display
Nowadays, the society faces the fierce competition with the same industry, and then with the outbreak of the market, each big led small spacing screen manufacturers have to increase the layout, to make every effort to seize the market. LED screen key manufacturers have achieved significant growth problems. Among them, many people know that small spacing LED display is relatively complex source: traditional LED display industry, LED lighting industry, LED light industry, LCD mosaic wall industry, stage rental display industry, security display industry, education industry and so on. Because of the complexity of the source makes it more popular, become more attractive.Traffic LED Display
    Traditional led large-screen market products relatively single. So the popularity is not so good. However, with the development of market demand, small spacing LED screen has also created more new application patterns. Unusually hot small spacing LED TV and advertising machine products have also been a farewell to the "stitching" this concept, the inherent size of the final product, and "Taiwan" for the unit sales. This product form, for the need to screen size is not very large users, is a "cost-effective installation costs", "buy can be used" simple way.Traffic LED Display
    From the way the power supply is set up, one is in the existing LED display directly using half bridge or full bridge high efficiency switching power supply, coupled with synchronous rectification energy saving effect is significant; the second is in the state of driving IC constant current to reduce the supply voltage as far as possible, through the red-green-blue tube core separate power to achieve better energy-saving effect Of course, this non-standard voltage supply and the application of new technologies will inevitably rise. From the screen-driven IC, the energy saving is not obvious, reducing the driving constant current pressure difference will also bring new problems including cost. Part of the IC Enterprise propaganda Drive energy-saving design, is only out of sales strategy.Traffic LED Display