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The First Advent LED Shadowless Operating Life Up To 100,000 Hours

Recently, the medical technology development limited development of Guizhou spring adjustable color temperature LED operating lights to enter the small batch production and the product life of 100,000 hours is 30 times of the traditional halogen light and energy consumption can be reduced by 30%, as the province's first self-developed LED operating lights.

The product development over a period of three years, young talent team is the day spring of medical control LED shadowless operating lamps with light, color temperature, focusing on core technology and the continuing test results, has passed the medical device test center in Guizhou province, entered the production phase. Is expected in the near future, spring medical will start sampling an assembly line and mass production.

At present, widely used in hospital operating rooms are traditional halogen lamps, high energy consumption, high calorific value which makes the temperature of the surgical site, or detrimental to wound healing effect on the wound, may also make health care workers brow sweat soaked underwear, causing the disturbance and pollution of the surgery. LED does not rely on the heat of the filament to glow, which belongs to the cold light source, its energy efficiency is very high, compared with energy saving fluorescent lamps 50%.