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The Maintenance Method Of Indoor LED Display

    LED module is the central part of the display, it is a LED circuit board and the shell, and is the LED lamp beads in accordance with a certain set of rules in the package together, and then add some waterproof treatment of a product. With the continuous development and application of LED display industry, the function and function of LED module are more noticeable.Indoor LED Display
    In recent years, LED display gradually become the mainstream market products, in outdoor buildings, stage, station and other places, everywhere its gorgeous figure. But do you know how to maintain them? Especially the outdoor screen is facing worse environment, more need to maintain, so that it can better serve us. Maintenance professionals have said about the maintenance and attention of LED displays. First of all, the power supply to stabilize, grounding protection is good, in the lightning, rainstorm and other harsh weather, to cut off power. LED display screen for a long time exposure to the outdoors, will inevitably be blown by the wind, sun, surface dust is also more, screen surface can not be directly wiped with wet cloth, can be used to wipe alcohol, or use a brush, vacuum cleaners to dust. When used, to open the control computer so that it can run normally after the LED display; After use, turn off the display and then turn off the computer. The inside of the display is strictly prohibited, flammable materials and easily conductive metal into the screen, so as not to cause short circuits and fire. If the water, please immediately cut off the power and contact the maintenance personnel, until the display board in vivo dry before use. Five, the proposed LED display screen daily rest for at least 2 hours, in the rainy season for at least a Times a week, the general screen at least once a month, lit more than 2 hours.Indoor LED Display
    Do not arbitrarily forcibly cut off, and do not frequently turn off and turn on the screen power supply, lest the current too large, power line heating too large, led tube core damage, affecting the display life. Do not arbitrarily disassemble, splicing screen body! LED display screen should be regularly checked for normal work, line damage should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner. master computer and other related equipment, should be placed in air-conditioning, micro-dust room to ensure that the computer ventilation and cooling and stability work. screen internal lines, non-professionals are not allowed to touch, so as to avoid electrocution, or cause damage to the line, if there is a problem, should be asked to repair the professionals.Indoor LED Display