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The Reliable Rental LED Display

In recent years, LED-Hero has witness the booming sales in rental LED display. As peoples cultural lives continue to flourish in China, this special type is widely applied in the entertainment industry. And the product itself has evolved through the development of recent years. In terms of material, die-casting aluminum becomes the most common choice for thousands of LED display manufacturers. The die-casting aluminum is lighter and more precise compared to traditional LED display materials. It also has already been accepted as the mainstream at upscale discos, large balls, fashion shows, weddings, film and television studios and digital stages.

There are features that customers admire in rental LED display. The LED chips are strictly selected and tested to be bright, ultraviolet-proof and anti-static current. The production line is all automatic to enhance the reliability and stability of goods. With advanced technical design, it can reduce the power consumption by 25% to 50%. Whats more, as the essential effect, the rental LED display is able to screen 1.07 billion colors with high definition, high refresh rate and high gray scale. As professional LED display manufacturer, LED-Hero technicians only choose raw materials of best quality to ensure the working safety in extremely high and low temperatures and humidity. More importantly, Every screen needs to pass burn-in test, vibration test and waterproof test before final delivery. This makes every customer of LED-Hero carefree on product quality.

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