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Torrents Back Lamps City Area Affected

Making Wu Jinzou lamps city are yipianzeguo, the market had to make a full closure.

Zou Qu lamps city here is the door closed, staff told reporters that starting from last Saturday, lamps city has closed, thousands of commercial tenants in-store was flooded, heavy losses. So although it was raining heavily, many households are going into lamps city in the rain, to the store to find some important information.

Some lamps city merchants say, prior to grab some things out, including computer books collecting payment and logistics documentation, but tens of thousands of each lost about.

Lamps city security, told reporters that heavy rains have already caused some shops have been flooded on June 16, the market has done some work in advance.

It is understood that the first floor lamps city about 11 households affected, every merchant investment millions of,

Zou Qu lamps City Security: they can move to move to the second floor to minimize losses.

In addition to Zou Qu lamps city, Sheen, and sent two large lighting market as the worst. Insurance, if 5 million a year is 5000 dollars.

In addition, Zou district under construction light trade center basement full irrigation losses. Company chairman Lu Yajian also held an emergency meeting at the project site, commanding more than more than 100 staff in emergency rescue and disaster relief. And last night, zouqu town government emergency redeployment of four reinforced drainage pump supports the project.

We may not be able to avoid losses of property caused by bad weather, but prevention can minimize losses. Like some of the commercial tenants purchase accident insurance every year, would shift the risk to the insurance company, is also a guarantee to myself.