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Traffic Guidance And Traffic LED Display

           Intelligent transportation system is the integration of advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic control technology and computer processing technology into the whole transportation management system. Through the real-time collection, transmission and processing of traffic information, the use of various scientific and technological means and equipment, to coordinate and deal with all kinds of traffic conditions, establish a real-time, accurate and efficient integrated transportation management system, so that traffic facilities can be fully utilized and improve traffic efficiency and safety, and finally make the transportation service and management intelligent, realize the intensive development of traffic and transportation.Traffic LED Display

           Traffic guidance Information System is one of the key functions of intelligent traffic Management System (ITS). The subsystems of its are coordinating with each other, collecting, processing and analyzing traffic information, and providing the traffic managers and travelers with the necessary information. Information collection, processing and the generation of induced information and the dissemination of guidance information constitute intelligent urban traffic guidance information system.Traffic LED Display

           In the traffic guidance system, the inducing information distribution is divided into individual and group oriented according to the different information receivers.Traffic LED Display

            Individual-oriented traffic-induced information is generally received through the vehicle-borne equipment of the traveler, including GPS positioning, navigation devices and other devices; The guidance of the Group-oriented information dissemination methods are traffic-induced outdoor LED display, wireless broadcasting, television, internet, telephone inquiries. Among them, the more effective means is the traffic broadcast and the installation on the road of the traffic induced outdoor LED display, which is also widely developed and widely used in the traffic guidance information released in the main way.Traffic LED Display

           Generally, the urban road Traffic guidance Information system includes three aspects including basic traffic information collection and processing, traffic inducing algorithm and inducing information generation, inducing information releasing and displaying, and general structure.