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Traffic LED Display Points

             Because the outdoor large LED display will be direct sunlight, the sunlight reflected by the screen will affect the playback effect, and sometimes if the outdoor display is too low, the screen will be completely invisible. So how much is the brightness of the outdoor LED display to be unaffected by direct sunlight? Because, for example, Guangzhou Sun shines on the screen and then reflects the brightness of more than 5000cd/square, so the brightness of the screen when the sun is direct to reach 6000CD /square above the sun will not be affected by the effect of the play. Most of China's outdoor LED display manufacturers have reached this requirement.Traffic LED Display

             This is the most basic problem, outdoor will rain, outdoor LED display waterproof work is mainly embodied in three aspects, the first module waterproof, the second box waterproof, the third frame structure waterproof. The most important thing is the box waterproof. First, the frame structure waterproof even if you do a long time a little leakage, general led outdoor display area is relatively large, I am afraid it is difficult to do a bit of leakage. And the frame structure in the outdoor sun and rain plus temperature in the condition of the change is also easy to cause partial waterproof failure. Besides, the module is waterproof, the module waterproof is in the LED lamp and PCB board between potting silica gel, but the module waterproof is only single-sided, the box inside of the power supply and other components are not waterproof. That leaves the box now, generally speaking, if you want to buy outdoor screen, it is best to choose through IP66 manufacturers (ip66-waterproof shockproof dust grade) . With the above three aspects of waterproof basically waterproof work is done. (preferably to choose the IP66 grade manufacturers, because if the box waterproof performance is not good, the circuit is very easy to corrode directly affect the LED outdoor display life).Traffic LED Display

              1, the first material, including LED lights, PCB board, IC and so on. Wick with Taiwan light lei and Hangzhou Blue's IC with far-Mingwei PCB board with the building of the Tao, this combination of life has 11 years (ideally), but there are some external conditions, such as waterproof shockproof dust, so if the outdoor LED display is the best choice to pass the IP66 certification grade manufacturers. 2, the process, and LED display manufacturer level, must have strict quality control system. In addition, the quality of the mechanical properties will also affect the display.Traffic LED Display