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What Is LED Display?

English dictionary indicates that LED refers to light emitting diode, a vital component for LED display. In fact,LED display is an integration of micro electronics, computer technology and information processing technology. Together they can display dynamic images with colorful lights, ultra-bright moving pictures of high definition. The steady working effect has earned LED display a good reputation for a popular public media display device. Nowadays, LED display suppliers have evolved into a multiple complex of LED product design, manufacture and even technical support strategy supplier.

How LED display has got this far is a typical success of commerce. The customized big display screen with adjustable high brightness renders LED display usable whenever it is needed for full color display. Multi-color LED display is able to show rather complicated images like sky, ocean,starry night and even those of 3 dimension. Recently, a new generation of full color LED display can be combined to show a whole HD picture with BSV liquid crystal technology.

LED display industry in Shenzhen, China has witnessed countless bellwethers. LED-Hero surely is one of them. LED-Hero established its business in 2007. And now after years of expansion, LED-Hero has grown up into a mega manufacturer and technical supplier committed to the design, manufacture, sales, installation and technology service of led display with focus on various LED display.